Mica Ceramics undertake all forms of tiling with an extensive all round experience in just about everything. We have done extensive work in geometric Victorian style tiling and also install specialist brick slips. We generally cover North and West London and Hertfordshire.

Victorian tiled hallways & Pathways.

Victorian tiled hallways, especially the more geometric designs take quite allot of skill and patience on the part of the tiler and we have both. I tend to do most of this work myself as its very hard to rely on others to get it done perfectly.

The Victorian pathway is something that is coming back to London and surrounds in force as never have we been asked to do as much of this work.

We install York stone steps and can do new concrete bases and will create a perfect stunning pathway for your home!

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These Victorian tiled installations are( especially the geometric hallways) are not something to be taken lightly. They are out of the skills of standard tilers and builders and you NEED to check the experience of your installer. I get called many times a year to repair jobs that tilers and builders have messed up and unfortunately once someone is started they need to be redone from scratch.

A considerable amount of patience , preperation and experience is requires to do them flat and symmetrical.